Contemplating Consulting a
Divorce Attorney?

Most couples consider seriously divorce at least once over the course of their marriage–many couples consider a lot more often than just once.  And if you are reading this page, you have reached the point where you ready to make permanent changes.

It’s never easy to consult a divorce attorney. Even if your marriage has been relatively free of conflict, the upset and fear of the unknown when going through a divorce is going to be emotionally, mentally, and financially draining.  You will need experienced legal help even if you and your spouse get along and are committed to remaining friends. Even if you are best friends, you will need experienced legal help if you have kids. You will need experienced legal help valuing and equitably dividing debts and assets.

And if your marriage was high-conflict, it’s all the more important that you have an advocate on your side protecting your interests, your assets, and your rights to provide for your kids.

You are reading this page with the hope that things will improve.  You are looking for help. Things will get better and my office can help you get to where you want to be.  You will get control over your identity and finances. You will have your kids on terms you can accept. You will have the opportunity to learn from your relationship as you craft your new identity.  A lot of what happens to you will happen inside your heart and mind.  This process is not immediate. It’s not linear. It’s not going to be same for you as it was for your friend or co-worker.

My job is to use the legal process to help you create a groundwork that gives you a stable foundation from which to begin your new life.

I am going to talk to you about reasonable expectations and help you understand the process and your options so you remain aware and in control of the direction of your case.

Safety First

Before calling a divorce attorney, please ensure your physical safety. In some cases, just the threat of violence is enough to get a temporary protective order.  I am happy to help you find your way to a temporary protective order–but please call the police first if you are concerned about your safety, or if there is an immediate threat.

When is time to call?

Maybe you’ll come in together.  That’s great. We will asses your situation to make sure your interests are aligned, goals shared, and that there is no conflict that would mean I can’t represent both of you

Maybe you’ll come in alone. That is also totally okay. It’s natural to have a wide range of emotions. You may be elated. You may be heartbroken.  Don’t feel guilty. Don’t berate yourself. Don’t be ashamed. You are taking steps to improve your life.  That is a good thing to do. I am here to help you.

Working With My Office is Different

As your divorce attorney, I’ll be with you to guide you and your family through the changes ahead. Together we will help you make good decisions and get you through this process as quickly as possible.

My office does not advertise, and it does not take on work that I cannot personally attend to.

If you become my client, I will treat you with respect and compassion. I’ll be the one that communicates with you. I answer my own phone, and send my own emails and texts to keep you informed. I’ll take as much time as needed to listen to you and guide you through this process. I’ll give you my honest legal opinion about your particular situation and help you come up with practical and creative resolutions to your issues.

We will draft a comprehensive agreement that you both agree to with me representing both of you, or we will draft an agreement where I represent one side. We will attempt to resolve outstanding issues through mediation.  If these negotiations do not work then we will pursue a court hearing.

I’ll be the one that goes with you to court, if it comes to that.

My goal is to get you and your family through this process with your dignity and bank balance intact. I want this to be the beginning of a better life for everyone involved.

Ready to start that conversation?  Schedule a short call to get acquainted and to answer your immediate questions. If we decide to take the next step, we’ll schedule a paid consultation to meet at my Atlanta office.


If you’re in Georgia and are having a family issue, I offer a free short call to help sort out what you need and see if we are a fit to work together.

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